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Meet Our Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors 

Our Board of Directors provides advice, counsel and assistance by promoting and shaping the goals, values, and vision of the school.  The directors are legally responsible for the management of the affairs and assets of Blossom.  One of the most important functions of the Board of Directors is to keep resources and efforts focused on Blossom’s mission.


Meet Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors currently consists of the following dedicated volunteers:

Tom O’Neill – Chairman of the Board – Vice President, Clear Channel Outdoor

Steven Rutenberg – President

Arlin Beachy – PA, Reilly, Fisher & Solomon

David Beyer – Attorney, Quarles & Brady

Dick Crippen – Senior Advisor, Tampa Bay Rays

Tess Crowder – Executive Director, Communication Access, Inc

Deveron Gibbons – Vice President, AMSCOT Corporation

Dan Stone – Vice President of Franchise Development, Front BurnerBrands

The Students, Parents & Staff of Blossom are very grateful for the support & service our Board of Directors provide to our school.

We would like to extend our eternal thanks to a few of our previous Board of Directors & their families, for their endless support & dedication to our school from the very beginning & along the years.

Art Rutenberg – Chairman Emeritus – CEO & Chairman-Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Jane Rutenberg – Vice President

Jim Harper – Chairman of the Board – Retired Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Ins. Svc.

Stephen Bragin – Retired, Community Supporter

Joanne Burton – Treasurer

Kimberly During – CEO, Ktek Systems, Inc.

Martin Solomon – Reilly, Fisher & Solomon