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Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf began with the vision of a school where deaf children and their families are given the same opportunities as those who are hearing.  Brothers and sisters aren’t sent to different schools simply because one of them is deaf or hard of hearing.  Blossom is a place where all children and their families belong and are valued.  Above all, it’s a school where deaf and hard-of-hearing children, their hearing siblings and hearing children with deaf parents receive the best education available anywhere.

Blossom opened in 2003 and during our first year we watched our students blossom and flourish in their new environment.  The same phenomenon soon became apparent in the parents.  There was a feeling, finally, of the families having a place where they felt comfortable.  The children’s academic interests began to take off and the sparks began to fly.  This is the environment we strive to create everyday and through this effort we are never disappointed.

We invite you to continue browsing our web site and hope you will contact us to arrange a visit so that you may come witness this miracle yourself.