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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions below.  If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact us and we’d be happy to answer it for you.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

We try to keep our student/teacher ratio as close to 5:1 as possible. Because of our unique Montessori environment, there are many times that a student is working one on one with a Blossom staff member. Blossom employs three full time teachers, one full time teacher’s assistant, a contract speech/language pathologist and an occupational therapist.

Will my child be challenged?

Upon acceptance into our school, a customized Growth and Development Plan is created to meet the needs of your child and family.  A Blossom Growth and Development Plan lays out the curriculum academically, socially and emotionally for your child.  Because we know that no two children are the same, Blossom believes in teaching the whole child and meeting his or her unique needs.

Does Blossom offer scholarships? 

Yes.  Blossom participates in various scholarship programs to help families offset the cost of tuition.  Please visit the scholarship portion of our website for more information by clicking here.

Does Blossom provide speech therapy?

Blossom contracts with a speech/language pathologist who is proficient in American Sign Language.  The amount of time a child receives speech and language therapy is determined at the child’s Growth and Development plan meeting at the beginning of the year.  When a new student is accepted with an existing IEP (Individual Education Plan), Blossom meets or exceeds the minutes required by the existing IEP.  If there is no IEP, the child is assessed and the decision is made in partnership with the family, the teachers and our Blossom Partners.

Does Blossom offer Before and After Care?

Yes.  Blossom’s Before Care Program is from 7:30am to 8:30am each day. The Before Care program provides a variety of academic activities and games to challenge students and to keep them involved. Our After Care Program is from 3:15pm to 5:30pm. The children participate in outside recess on our playground, snack time, reading, homework time, arts and crafts, and games.  To read more about our Before and After Care Programs, click here.

Do you offer ASL (American Sign Language) classes?

In lieu of ASL (American Sign Language) classes, Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf is currently participating in the Deaf Florida Family Literacy Academy.

In addition, we encourage you to check out the Sign Language Dictionary page on our website that will help you either learn your very first signs or brush up on some old signing skills that may have fallen by the wayside.

Is Blossom subject to FCAT? If not what type of testing is done?

As a private school, Blossom is not subject to FCAT testing.  However, we adhere to the Sunshine State Standards and the Montessori Scope and Sequences.  More often than not, the Montessori Scope and Sequences are more rigorous than the Sunshine State standards!

Although the FCAT is not administered, the Montessori curriculum teaches the students the skills necessary to achieve success on the FCAT.  Annually, we administer the Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition, normed on the Hearing Impaired Percentiles by Gallaudet University.

What Montessori training do your teachers have?

All of our teaching staff have had experience working in Montessori classrooms and have had various types of Montessori training.  Blossom is committed to the very best education for our students and is currently working to provide professional development opportunities to all of our teachers.

Our Associate Director is Montessori Certified for ages 3-6, and has completed Montessori Training for ages 6-9.  Our 6-9 Teacher is also Montessori Certified for ages 6-9.

What type of experience does the teaching staff have in Deaf Education?

Each member of our teaching staff has an extensive background in both Deaf Education and in Deaf culture.  Please visit the Meet the Staff section of our website for bio’s on each member of our staff.