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Elaine Hampton

Elaine Hampton is Blossom’s 3-6 & 6-9 Classroom Assistant, as well as our Art Teacher for all ages.  Mrs. Hampton assists in the teaching and growing of the children of Blossom to show by example that all things are possible if you never give up! Mrs. Hampton joined Blossom in 2005, and has previously assisted in Blossom’s 9-12 classroom, and taught our former Life Skills students.

Mrs. Hampton attended Ringling College of Art and Design and graduated with her BFA degree in Illustration. Her desire is to teach Deaf children about the wonderful world of art . She came from a big family of six and is the only one in her family who is deaf. She was not born deaf but lost her hearing after contracting spinal meningitis as an infant. Mrs. Hampton and her husband are both hard of hearing, and they have four beautiful children – all of whom are hearing. Mrs. Hampton and her family live in Largo.

When Mrs. Hampton is not at Blossom she is spending time with her big family and friends, doing freelance art, going to her Deaf church, missionary trips, helping the pastor as the Deaf secretary at church, spending time outdoors, traveling, swimming, and watching closed captioned movies.

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