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Valentine’s Day: Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf competition looks for the ”Reddest Child”

WTSP 10 News

CLEARWATER, Florida — Students at Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf are getting in the spirit of Valentines Day. They’re not just exchanging candy and valentines. They’re also dressing the part.

A sea of crimson shirts, shoes, even monkeys pass through the hallways as the children compete in what could be known as the American Idol of Valentine’s Day fashion. Their best outfit and dancing go before four judges from local organizations, as they score each one to determine the “Reddest Child.”

“American Idol kind of caught the eyes of the kids and they liked the idea of having a panel,” says school director Julie Rutenberg.

A day like this helps kids build up the confidence to shine at Blossom Montessori. Many of the students are deaf or hard of hearing. Others have parents who are.

The contests just let them be kids.

“You can’t tell who’s deaf and who’s hearing,” Rutenberg says. “They’re just normal kids and they’re proud and having fun.”

Meanwhile, they’re also learning lessons in love and to be happy for each other, no matter who wins the contest.

“I don’t honestly think they care if they win or not,” Rutenberg says. “They just like to stand up and be proud.”

There’s also a “Reddest Lunch” competition at Blossom Montessori. But some advice from the kids: peanut butter and jelly doesn’t taste as good covered in red food coloring.

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